Stefanie TroffaesStefanie Troffaes was born in Bruges, where she learnt to play the recorder at a very young age. She decided to learn Baroque flute after having become enchanted by its sound at the age of eleven, and her talent and enthusiasm for this instrument were first nurtured by Patrick Beuckels. She subsequently studied Baroque flute with Barthold Kuijken and Marc Hanta´ at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, graduating with 'magna cum laude' in 2003. She also obtained a Masters in recorder there under Bart Coen, and was awarded the esteemed K÷berle Prize in recognition of her exceptional musical talents. In 2002, Stefanie was a finalist on Baroque flute at the 'Musica Antiqua' international competition in Bruges, Belgium.

She continues to pursue a historical approach in current performance practice, and her musical interests cover the Renaissance to the early Romantic periods. She performs with various renowned early music ensembles such as B'Rock (Belgium), Les Talens Lyriques (France), Collegium Vocale (Belgium), La Petite Bande (Belgium), Al Ayre Espanol (Spain), Freiburger Barockorchester (Germany), Le Cercle de l'Harmonie (France), Les Muffatti (Belgium), Mannheimer Hofkapelle (Germany), Bach Concentus (Belgium), Arte dei Suonatori (Poland) and the Academie Montis Regalis (Italy). In addition, she frequently plays chamber music with ensembles including Les Folies Franšoises (France) and La Caccia (Belgium).

She has recorded for several labels, including Alpha, Musica Ficta and Na´ve. Alongside her concert activities, she also teaches Baroque flute and recorder in her native Belgium.

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